In the place where the settlement of Caesarea is today, in the late Persian period there was a small Sidonian port city called the “Stratton Tower”, which was for a short time also included in the kingdom of the Hasmonean king Alexander Yanai. In 30 BC, Emperor Augustus granted the area to Herod – the Jewish king on behalf of the Romans. Between 22 and 10 BC, Herod built a large and fortified city there, including a large and magnificent port that was a center for trade with countries overseas. The city is named after the emperor – “Caesarea Augusta”. The combination of the sea, the old city, and the special modern settlement – makes Caesarea one of the most beautiful places to visit. The old town is fascinating and impressive, and the tour has a somewhat romantic touch. The large hippodrome and theater blend in with the spray of the waves of the sea, and the travelers in them feel like they are passing through the tunnel of time.